Own Your Speaking Style

Are you hesitant to speak at professional events because you don’t have a speaking style similar to John C. Maxwell or Tony Robbins? If that is the case, consider this…

Generation Z & Intercultural Communication in The Workplace

The most diverse generation yet continues to make its way into the workplace. What does that mean? Check out our latest blog post to find out!

Intercultural Communication Defined

Intercultural Communication: Communication between at least two individuals who are from different cultures. It’s important to note the difference in culture between two individuals can be in their overarching culture or microculture, frequently referred to as subculture. For example, two people can be members of American society and share the same overarching culture. However, each person may belong to …

Robert Kennedy, an Impromptu Eulogy, and The Power of Empathy in Public Speaking

Empathy is a tool that can be used effectively by speakers, especially when addressing a diverse audience. You may not share a similar background, ethnicity, gender, age range, etc. You may not be able to relate completely, but you can always empathize.

Before You Speak — Understanding Delivery Methods

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock with no smartphone, television, or other 21st-century technology, you’ve probably seen a speaker give a speech. This could’ve been a religious leader delivering a sermon, a politician addressing constituents, celebrities giving commencement speeches, non-profit leaders addressing the community, or simply Johnny from down the street speaking at a …