These are a few stats about Gen Z that emphasize how important intercultural communication will be as the generation continues to enter the workforce. 

Gen Z values companies, employers, and teams who are capable of communicating with each other regardless of background, age, race, ethnicity, religious preference, etc. As they make their way into your teams specifically, consider taking an inventory of your team’s intercultural competence and communication. It could help prevent miscommunication and unnecessary conflict which could cut into your teams effectiveness.

*It’s essential to add that you shouldn’t assume this applies to everyone born in Gen Z. You must still consider an individual’s personality, values, and beliefs when identifying one’s communication style. 

Published by Aaron L.

A young man looking to share his light with the world. I enjoy reading non-fiction, drafting speeches, and writing poetry. Over the past 10 years, I've had the opportunity to lead diverse teams of emergency responders, planners, trainers, and human resource professionals. Fun fact, I've lived and worked in 3 different countries.

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