A team is more than a collection of random individuals. A team is a unit that thinks as one and acts accordingly.

A team is not driven by ego. A team thrives off of sacrifice.

A team should have star performers and leaders, but should not live or die based on the performance of any one individual 100% of the time.

A team is many pieces who have one mind, drawn together to accomplish one common goal like different parts of the body coming together while being controlled by the brain.

Are you a team or a collection of individuals?

Published by Aaron L.

A young man looking to share his light with the world. I enjoy reading non-fiction, drafting speeches, and writing poetry. Over the past 10 years, I've had the opportunity to lead diverse teams of emergency responders, planners, trainers, and human resource professionals. Fun fact, I've lived and worked in 3 different countries.

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